Lox and Vodka Jewish band, Washington DC

About Lox & Vodka

We started Lox & Vodka because of our love of the music, the rich traditions, the wonderful holiday celebrations, and the deep spirituality Judaism offers. Precious memories of Friday nights with grandma and grandpa, teenage Shabbatonim with non-stop singing and dancing and treasured family simchas filled with ritual and music, inspired the creation of this upbeat, uplifting, spirit filled band.

Combine this with outstanding musicians and a high level of professionalism and you have the recipe for a sensational experience.  Lox & Vodka would be thrilled and honored and to be part of your special event.  

Klezmer music, which we define as Jewish soul music, has been in existence since the Middle Ages when klezmorim (itinerant musicians) would travel from shtetl (village) to shtetl to play for Jewish weddings and other celebrations. As they traveled, the musicians adopted a wide range of musical idioms. In turn-of-the-century America, the klezmorim quickly mastered new instruments and styles. Today we see a revival of this spiritually endowed musical form. Lox & Vodka is proud to be part of this inspiring renaissance.

Today, Lox & Vodka travels from simcha to simcha where our horas are always action-packed, with your guests lifting the honorees high on chairs.  And we teach fun and simple Israeli folk dances, an incredibly memorable experience for everyone.  Plus, our CLASSIC ROCK, MO'TOWN, SWING, COUNTRY and BIG BAND music will keep you and your guests dancing all party long!

We have recorded several CDs including Heavy Shtetyl CD Cover "HEAVY SHTETL," a marvelous compilation of the wide breadth and soulful, exciting style of music we perform, and Celebrate Shabbat CD Cover "CELEBRATE SHABBAT," a wonderful, upbeat and uplifting array of favorite Shabbat z'mirot for all ages.  See our Music on CD page for details.

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